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Mysterious Sentence

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sharing The Planet

The definition of sharing the planet is be fair to other living things in this planet. If we are not fair, we cant live and we will all die in this world. We have the right to use nature but we also need to share with other living Creatures.


Severinus 09-01-1999 said...

Can you add more sentence to make it more interesting, Axel ?

Learner said...

Hey Axel, I agreed with the 'be fair' part. Not like some people who are so not fair.. BTW. Make it longer, longer makes it better.. As we say, the more the merrier..

From, Atta

Fernan said...

axel can you make the writing more longer please

xlr8 said...

Nice work axel. But why are there are only 2 sentences.

Fernan said...

Axel can you make the sharing this planet more longer

arkan said...

Axel I think you can do better if your sentence is long like the others but thats okay because the writing is so perfect
if you combine the sentence with the typing it will make a giga fantastic on the writing
Keep the good work!!

Nick said...

Good. I agree with you that we must to be fair in this world.

Daniel's blog said...

Axel good job

Daniel's blog said...

It's too short