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Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Reflection of the PYP Exhibition


My Reflection of the PYP Exhibition



First day:


The Preparation:


I felt kind of happy because our Exhibition was going to start. It was also a hard time of getting the blue and green cardboard. In this preparation, I learnt that preparation is not easy and it takes getting used to running 10 kilometres away… It was also tiring of running from the Bamboo Court to the Wayang building to the Layang-layang building to the Bamboo Court to the Layang-layang building and back to the Bamboo Court again. All this stuff I did for my team..


The start of the exhibition:


During the start of the exhibition, (The first day) I felt like ah... it would be very easy. But, it was very hard. First Atta played the piano. It was the start of the exhibition. When visitors came, it wasn’t very hard because we got the gold sample. We showed them the gold sample and everyone said wow.

They also asked us many questions. We can answer all the questions but we cooperated so we actually didn’t answer the questions all alone. Like for example, someone asked David, if David was nervous or Atta or me. I answered the questions and if I was nervous, David or Atta would help me. It was a very tiring day because we were sweating trying to answer the questions.


At the Booth:


The first day in the booth, I was very nervous because so many visitors came to our booth. I was on the first shift that is standing in front of the booth. I was easily getting distracted by Leo’s game and Zaky’s quiz. When it was a girl, I said to Atta: “It’s your shift” If it was a Korean, so I said to David: “It’s your shift”. It was a hard task to explain to the teachers, students and parents. Our comment board was quite empty actually…. We are the first one that finished the billboard. At the end of the exhibition, me, Atta and David were treated to an ice chocolate each. David was lucky to get one Pocari Sweat.

Our comment board got quite empty because I was operating the sound system and the screen system for every Laptop. So at the booth, there were only two people. That’s why they wanted a additional answers. In the dancing room, I thought that “I think they really need me out there…”. I was stressed if someone came to our booth and my group didn’t know the answer to the questions. Maybe I could have answered the questions..


In the Presentation Room:


Don’t think that coordinating the sound system is a very easy job. There are some changes in Day 2. I felt different. I was also bored to be in the presentation room. I was afraid my team will need me somehow. Sometimes, I was thinking about my team so I couldn’t focus on how loud the music was, or the voice over, or passing the mike. It was very cold in the presentation room and I was too shy to tell the teachers to turn the AC off.


Second Day:


The start of the second day of our exhibition:


     Mrs. T set made changes to the presentations. I needed to wait for 2 sets of presentations first, so I needed to sit beside Adelle. I could really focus on the sound operator and I also needed to help Isfan’s group to answer some of the questions. I was very nervous to answer because I was very worried to a mistake.



At the Booth:


     At the second day, we had less visitors because it was only the grade 4, 6 and 7s. It was even harder because they were so creative, so they asked hard questions. We can answer all of the  questions for us and that was good for us. The first visitor was a girl. I was so afraid so I sent Atta to talk about our booth (because it was a girl) and also when Korean students came. I asked Chang Min to talk about our booth. When the Indonesians came, it was my shift, but, the first session has begun.

Our second presentation at the presentation room:


      I didn’t need to talk about our booth. The first one was Isfan’s Google Sketch-up about the mine. They couldn’t answer even one question so I needed to answer it for them. The second one was Zaky’s interactive quiz using the Smartboard. Everyone wanted to answer because they would get a candy each. Then finally, I could sit on the folding chair of the sound system. It was Min Soo’s group to perform. They were showing us about the process of gemstones. Many people thought I was very good at controlling keynote for them but actually Min Soo shook her hand to give me a signal to move on to the next slide. Sometimes, after a movie was finished I got confused to go or to wait.

In the practise, I usually skipped a page without Min Soo explaining. When the first session was done, we had 5 minutes to have a break and then stay at our booth. Atta plays the piano again, it was the start of session 2.

Our group is the one who will show our presentation first. It was a total success because we can answer all the questions. But, my legs shook because somebody ask us a question. It was a shock when Mr. Rick asked us a very difficult question.  




     The exhibition was very fun, it was a great too. The exhibition was pretty scary because we had to face some of the challenges like answering questions that we haven’t learn. We also need to be risk-takers because we need to be brave to answer the questions. We also need to be thinkers, knowledgeable, and also communicators. To be a thinker we need to think how to answer with the best way. To be a knowledgeable because we need to think to answer the questions. And to be communicator because we need to talk to our group members or discuss with our group member if we don’t know the answer.


By: Axel Jeremy Hidayat from Grade 5 Sinarmas World Academy